Apricot Lemon Verbena Jam

Apricot Lemon Verbena Jam

Apricot Lemon Verbena Jam
If you are looking for some use of your lemon verbena, try making this delicious apricot lemon verbena jam. It also makes a great food gift.

Slice apricots up finely.

In the bowl of a food processor, combine sugar and lemon verbena leaves.

Pulse several times to fully incorporate the leaves into the sugar (the sugar will become light green).

In a sizable bowl, combine the apricots and sugar-lemon verbena mixture.

For four hours, marinate covered in the refrigerator.

4 jars should be checked for cracks and any rusty rings should be discarded.

Immerse until jam is ready in simmering water.

Clean rings and new lids in warm, soapy water.

Add pectin to the apricot-sugar mixture after transferring it to a big pot.

Bring the mixture slowly to a rolling boil that won’t stop bubbling when stirred.

Cook while constantly stirring for one minute.