Ree Drummond’s Marga-Ree-Ta

Ree Drummond's Marga-Ree-Ta

Ree Drummond’s Marga-Ree-Ta
Garnished with cucumber, this easy and refreshing margarita matches vodka with tequila, lemon with lime, and mint with cilantro.

Shake sugar and water in a Mason jar until sugar dissolves.

Run lime wedge around the rim of a glass; dip rim in a dish of salt.

Put cilantro 2 sprigs mint and 3 cucumber slices in a cocktail shaker.

Add sugar mixture tequila lime juice lemon juice and vodka.

Mash mixture with a muddler or wooden spoon until herbs are broken up and flavors are released about 15 seconds.

Add ice to fill; cover and shake vigorously for 10 seconds.

Fill prepared glass with fresh ice and arrange remaining 4 cucumber slices inside.

Strain drink into glass and garnish with mint sprig.