Spicy Italian Deviled Eggs

Spicy Italian Deviled Eggs

Spicy Italian Deviled Eggs
Deviled eggs with a spicy twist. Spicy brown mustard and Italian dressing give these deviled eggs a nice zesty flavor.

In a saucepan, add the eggs and then the cold water.

Once the water has reached a rolling boil, turn off the heat.

For 10 to 12 minutes, cover the eggs and let them sit in hot water.

Peel off after removing from hot water.

Cut eggs in half, then scoop out the yolks.

Mix the mayonnaise, pepper, mustard, and Italian dressing with the yolks in a medium bowl.

Place the salt on a plate with the egg white halves in it.

Use a pastry bag to pipe the filling into the egg halves for a more polished appearance or simply spoon the yolk mixture into the egg halves.

Add some paprika and chill until serving.